Natural Haircare for Sensitive Scalp

Gentle, natural solutions. That’s what our sensitive scalp hair products achieve. You won’t find yourself scratching or feeling inflamed with the soothing infusions of avocado, chamomile and aloe vera found across our sensitive scalp range.

Try combining our Sensitive Micellar Shampoo with the Sensitive Micellar Conditioner for a holistic approach to fixing the irritation that plagues your sensitive scalp. If you need a little extra relaxation, add our Sensitive Micellar Scalp Masque into your regime.

Like all Sukin products, our sensitive hair products call on the healing powers of nature. There are several factors that aggravate sensitive scalps, so we avoid any harsh chemicals that would add to this mess. Sensitivity is not exclusive to our scalps either, so make sure you use Natural Skincare for your skin too!

To learn more, check out our blog on What Causes Sensitive Skin and How To Care For It.



Aloe Vera


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